• Separì 4 - Sistema Raccolta Differenziata Domestico

    Separì 4

  • Separì 2 - Sistema Raccolta Differenziata Domestico

    Separì 2

  • Compatibilità

  • Strumenti Pedagogico - Raccolta Differenziata

    Strumenti Pedagogico

  • Contenitore Giocattoli Domestico

    Contenitore Giocattoli

  • Gettacarte Per Ufficio


  • Cestino Con Coperchio

    Cestino Con Coperchio

  • Base per Fioriera

    Base per Fioriera

  • Portadetersivi


- Waste sorting

Separì, ergonomic waste sorting system for your Home, office and other sorting purposes

Separì is an ergonomic system of containers extremely easy to handle, with a stylish design which makes it perfect for any situation.

It is designed for the management of separate waste collection at home, at school and at the office.

It is a modular system composed of the following plastic components: a base with either two or four cavities and capped bins. It can be mounted either on wheels or on trolley and it is suitable for fully fitted kitchen units (30, 45 and 60 cm).

The different colors used to distinguish the bins can be useful to educate preschool children in sustainable thinking and practices.

Separì helps protect the Environment

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