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Plasticform works mainly in the thermoplastic injection molding sector for several branches of industry and in particular for the automotive supply chain developed in Basilicata thanks to the Fiat plant located in Melfi. As soon as it was founded, Plasticform started to diversify its production in order to cover a wider range of products.
In 2003 Plasticform started to manufacture its own products thanks to the experience acquired and the collaboration of well experienced partners and suppliers.

Plasticform operates from a modern factory in the industrial area of San Nicola di Melfi occupying a total production area of 12500 sq. m. with a covered space of 3800 sq. m. It is well connected to motorways and railways and to the major ports and airports of Southern Italy.

The company boasts a very flexible productive organization and it is able to handle every challenge it may face. Over the last few years Plasticform has become a successful industrial reality, highly regarded by its customers and suppliers. Our company intends to establish a good relationship with its customers, establishing an innovative partnership model thanks to operational and commercial excellence and our employees’ dedication to value creation

Certificates and Ethical Policies

CERTIFICAZIONE IAFT 16929:2016 Plasticform s.r.l.
IAFT 16929:2016 Plasticform s.r.l.
CERTIFICAZIONE ISO 9001:2015 Plasticform s.r.l.
ISO 14001:2014 Plasticform s.r.l.
CERTIFICAZIONE ISO 14001:2014 Plasticform s.r.l.
ISO 14001:2014 Plasticform s.r.l.
Codice Etico Plasticform s.r.l.
Ethical Policies Plasticform s.r.l.


Our Know-How is complemented by our qualified partners’ skills which allow the exploitation of synergies and technical planning support during every stage of the product life cycle: from design, prototyping phase and mold construction, up to production and final assembly of our products.

It is our philosophy to constantly improve our products with an innovative spirit:

"Who stops the improvement is not good anymore."

The attention to customer satisfaction guarantees maximum development and profitability.

PThis is the reason why our company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:20015. And follows the quality guidelines:

  • ISO/TS 16949
  • ISO 14001

Environmental sustainability

The reduction of the environmental impact is the drawing power that we share with our customers, suppliers and all the relevant stakeholders.

What we do

Plasticform produces injection molding parts in thermoplastic material and it is able to supply assembled components, also with electrical parts, intended for cars, motorbikes, household appliances, furniture, electronic devices, building trade and others sectors.

Thanks to a modern gasketing system it is able to provide components equipped with polyurethane gaskets.

Thanks to the integration with our partner companies’ skills it is able to offer product design, prototyping, mold design and construction.

Plasticform also provides services such as:

  • Manufacturing, finishes, assembly of particulars
  • Warehouse management
  • Consignment sale and warehousing
  • Quality after sales
  • Conformity assessment procedures


  • O.M.R. s.r.l.

    O.M.R. s.r.l.

    Rivoli - Turin

    O.M.R. - Design and construction of molds up to 1800X700 mm. for automotive, household appliance and other sectors.

    • Rivoli (TO), Italy
    • (+39) 011 9574055
    • [Representative Mr. RUSSO M.]  - Plasticform’ s.r.l. Shareholder
  • Gam Plast - Rivoli - Turin

    Gam Plast

    Rivoli - Turin

    GAM PLAST - Thermoplastic injection molding for automotive, household appliance and other sectors.

    • Rivoli (TO), Italy
    • (+39) 011 9574055
    • [Representative Mr. RUSSO M.]  - Plasticform’ s.r.l. Shareholder
  • M.C.E. - Borgaro T.Se - Torino


    Borgaro T.Se - Turin

    M.C.E. - Thermoplastic injection molding and sheet metal pressing for automotive electrical contacts, lighting components design, lighting assembly, design and construction of small sized molds, gasketing.

    • Borgaro T.Se (TO), Italy
    • (+39) 011 06250
    • [Representative Mr. Nigro Vincenzo]  - Plasticform’ s.r.l. Shareholder

Production Process

Plasticform boasts a wide experience in injection molding of thermoplastics and in polyurethane gasketing technology.

The high technology equipment of the plant guarantees an efficient and high quality production regardless of its volume.

Our working method allows to satisfy and exceed customer needs and expectations regarding project management, product launch, production and delivery. We guarantee high quality standards thanks to extremely accurate checks starting from the raw material, continuing throughout the whole manufacturing process and finishing with the shipment of the end product.

Machines and equipment

Pressing and Production Departement

  • Every press is endowed with: dehumidifier, automatic transport and feeding system, conveyor belt, cartesian coordinate robots, granulator, refrigerator, temperature controller, etc.
  • Grinder, dust removal and air filtering, conveyor belt provided with magnetic tunnel detector.
n.1 injection press 70 t N&B n.1 injection press 300 t Engel
n.1 injection press 75 t Engel n.1 injection press 400 t Engel
n.2 injection presses 80 t Engel n.1 injection press 600 t Engel
n.1 injection press 120 t Engel n.1 injection press 900 t Engel (large plates)
  • n.1 injection press 1100 t Engel (large plates)
  • n.1 injection press 180 t Engel (wide platens)
Each hot press is endowed with a heating unit and a second screw type plunger.

Gasketing system

Afros Cannon gasketing system with automatic pallet line and anthropoid robot (for the application of bicomponent polyurethane gaskets – polyol and isocyanate).

Assembly department

  • n.2 Branson 920/921 ultrasonic welders.
  • n.2 pneumatic presses for press fitting insertions;
  • n.15 work desks for the assembling of components and other equipments.

Internal and external material handling

  • n.1 10 tons crane.
  • n.1 Loading ramp, carts and converters; n.3 forklifts.
  • n. 1 power pallet truck and n.2 manual pallet trucks.
  • n.1 Fiat Iveco Daily 35C13 truck.


  1. Warehouse (provided with measuring, weighing and testing equipments): raw material, semi manufactured product, finished product, packaging cases.
  2. Mold depository
  3. Prop dock

Maintenance garage

Provided with the necessary equipment.

Quality control and product inventory

Provided with technical equipment in order to test products and components.

Automated 3D measuring machine Different kind of measuring instruments
n.1 Twelve index n.1 Muffle furnace L. 3/11/C6
n.1 HDT VICAT MP3 n.1 Electronic dynamometer Mod. 9520
n.1 Electronic Analytical Laboratory Balances BP121S

Where we are

  • Plasticform s.r.l.
  • Zona Industriale S. Nicola, 85025, Melfi (PZ), Italy
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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